The birth of a baby is one of the most life defining experiences for you as the mother and the father.

‘Pregnancy and birth are precious miracles of life. This time deserves to be appreciated with joyous enthusiasm and respect. Love, patience and gentle care encourages this time of your life with the compassion that is needed…’

This process calls for everyone involved to honour and respect this time of your life.

We believe in an integrated and holistic approach for childbirth preparation, for labour and birth, and what follows thereafter. It is our aim to meet your needs and where possible, personalize the course content to your specific needs.

It is important to provide you as new mothers and fathers matter of fact advice with compassion, and to inspire you to be confident and to uniquely embrace this process of ‘How to Birth’.

We believe mothers and fathers need to enjoy a full objective view, so that you can continue to embrace your pregnancy, birth and the early days of parenthood wholeheartedly and trustingly.

We believe childbirth education, inspiration and support are to be centered around the following criteria, so that a mother and father can feel:

  1. i) Reassured and encouraged, and centered in her birthing power;
  2. ii) Inspired to trust their caregivers;

iii) Inspired to make informed choices during labour and birth;

  1. iv) Balanced in their perspectives on what they read and hear;
  2. v) Confident in using practical guidance and comfort skills during labour and birth
  3. vi) Confident to embrace the early days of parenthood with support as needed.

The ultimate goal for you as a mother is to engage fully in your own unique way and to remain open minded to the full experience of birth. In the case of any previous painful and traumatic birth experiences, your role as a parent is to work towards an objective view on these events in the past.

You may look forward to enjoy and have a positive birth experience, however it unfolds.

And taking this one step further….

Where do we stand in today’s world? Empowering yourself for this journey towards parenthood, certainly has ripple effects to the people around you, your community.

In today’s world, communities need to recognize, learn and practice compassion for themselves and each other, especially during the childbearing years.

  • ‘It needs a Village to raise a Child’,
  • ‘To educate, is to empower, is to liberate, is to enable the individual to have dignity.’

We all are accountable for a healthy society. Mothers and babies are the growth foundation of a society. You deserve to be empowered for mental health and wellbeing around childbirth.

It is a privilege to use our resources, knowledge and inspiration to empower women who will inspire each other.

Class 1 – Pregnancy and Preparation

  • Embracing a holistic approach for this course to empower yourself for a positive birth experience.
  • Make an informed decision on your Caregiver and Place of Birth by reviewing the two medical care models.
  • Define Mother-Friendly Care and Baby-Friendly Care.
  • Know what to expect in the Third Trimester, and how to deal with discomforts in pregnancy.
  • Informed healthy Lifestyle Choices – diet, exercise, stress management.
  • Know how to prepare physically, emotionally and mentally for labour and birth.
  • Heads up for the next class.

Class 2 –Labour and Birth Process

  • Introduction to Birth Preferences and Informed Decision making during Labour and Birth.
  • Understanding the physical four sequential stages of labour and birth.
  • Understanding the role of hormones in labour and birth.
  • Know possible and positive signs of labour.
  • Adopt a new understanding of pain during labour and birth.
  • Describe a contraction and how they are measured.
  • Embracing emotional confidence, movement and exercises for pregnancy and labour.
  • Heads up for the next class.

Class 3 – Complications, Interventions and Unexpected Outcomes

  • Define common diagnostic tests used during pregnancy.
  • Develop a balanced perspective on complications, interventions and unexpected outcomes.
  • List several complications of pregnancy.
  • List possible complications of labour and the interventions.
  • List benefits and risks of cesarean birth and common associated procedures.
  • Define the acronym VBAC (vagina birth after cesarean).
  • Coping skills on how to deal with a complication, intervention or unexpected outcome.
  • Heads up for the next class.

Class 4 – Coping Skills and Comfort Measures for Labour and Birth

  • Mother, embrace labour and birth as your own unique process.
  • Father, understand your Role as the Birth Partner, in the Birth team.
  • Feel confident to use Coping skills: Positions, Breathing techniques, Toning and Touch.
  • Know Comfort and Relaxation techniques that will work for you.
  • Scope and Practice of the Doula
  • Heads up for the next class.

Class 5 – After the Birth and Baby Care

  • First things first, understand Newborn Transition i.e. skin to skin, initial breastfeeding.
  • Care of the Newborn – cord care, bath, clothing, nappies, sleeping, winding and soothing a crying baby.
  • Maternal Transition, physical and emotional wellness.
  • Transition for the new family Integration, new roles, siblings
  • Signs of Illness needing medical help.
  • Heads up for the next class.

Class 6 – Breastfeeding

  • Know the benefits of Breastmilk.
  • Understand the anatomy of the breast.
  • Adjusting into Feed on Demand, and know your baby’s feeding cues.
  • How the Father can support his family during breastfeeding.
  • Recognize the signs of a good latch.
  • Breastfeeding positions.
  • Selfcare for the mother, understand Baby blues, and know signs of PND.
  • Signs of Illness needing medical help.
  • Heads up for the next class.

Class 7 – Bringing it all Together

  • Packing for Birth.
  • Reviewing Birth Preferences.
  • Preparation for going into labour – physical comforts and mindfulness.
  • Support plan after the birth for the new family.
  • Conclusion.

The 7 Week Antenatal Course is a comprehensive birth preparation program.

Whether you are aware of it or not, certain expectations develop as you are expecting.

Because we believe that every woman has the right to be actively involved in her labour and birth, we provide relevant, up-to date and evidence-based information.

The aim of the course is to equip and empower couples to be actively be involved in the labour and birth process.

The classes are Practical and fun.

The focus is to encourage you as a couple to build relationship with each other as well as the other couples in the class. These relationships can provide ongoing support as you move through the same seasons of parenthood together.

Open your mind and body to the possibilities of birth.

Biggest aim: To have a positive birth experience regardless of the outcomes.

The journey to parenthood can be filled with an array of emotions.

Special attention is given to breastfeeding and baby care.

Breastfeeding preparation includes adequate information and support to help the mother and baby breastfeeding relationship to start off well.

Couples get a chance to practice certain baby care techniques.

Practical opportunities are interwoven through all the classes. There are also guest speakers to build on information given and to enhance the classes as well as give it a more personal touch.

Couples are given the opportunity to get as involved in the process as they feel comfortable.


The Saturday Class is condensed into a package from 9:00 – 15:00 to prepare yourself for labour and birth. You will also feel confident to know coping skills and comfort measures for labour and birth. This class is ideal for couples who can not attend the 7 week class on the scheduled dates. Please note that breastfeeding and baby care are not covered in the Saturday Birth Preparation Class.

To address this need, you can combine the Saturday class with an additional baby care and breastfeeding class which you can book in a time that suits your schedule.