Breastmilk vs Formula – Helene Steenkamp

So the big question is naturally – “What is the difference between breast milk and formula?” Firstly, although it is very easy for your body to make milk, making milk in a laboratory is not so easy and the addition of each nutrient needs to be very... read more

Breast Health – Helene Steenkamp

You may experience several challenges to breastfeeding in the early days, most of which are related to correct latching and the establishing of a milk supply. Luckily, if you know what to watch out for these obstacles can be easily overcome. Here are a few general... read more

Newborn hearing screening

Why do we screen for hearing loss in babies? The prevalence of hearing loss is significantly higher than other birth defects. In South Africa, it is estimated that 18 babies are born daily with some degree of hearing loss. Hearing loss is often described as the... read more

Antenatal Classes offered by Midwives Exclusive

The birth of a baby is one of the most life defining experiences for you as the mother and the father. ‘Pregnancy and birth are precious miracles of life. This time deserves to be appreciated with joyous enthusiasm and respect. Love, patience and gentle care... read more

Breastmilk 101 – Helene Steenkamp

Have you ever wondered why breastmilk is referred to as liquid gold? Well, there are several reasons – in fact – almost 101 reasons! The most important of these is naturally its nutritional formulation that is completely optimised for your baby providing them with a... read more

Wondering about water birth?

Wondering about Water birth? By Heather Pieterse. Published in Sensitive Midwifery Magazine, April/June 2012. The sigh of pure relief as a woman submerges her tired and aching body into the warm bath is one of the defining moments of water birth for me, says... read more

Water Birth Basics

Waterbirth Basics From Newborn Breathing to Hospital Protocols by Barbara Harper, RN Originally published in Midwifery Today Magazine, Summer 2000 Waterbirth is simple. Within the simplicity of water labor and birth lies a complexity of questions, choices, opinions,... read more

Water Birth

Water birth is becoming a more and more popular way to give birth. Water has been used from as early as 1806 for pain relief and to aid relaxation during labour and birth. It soothes the tension away and in doing so relaxes those oh so tight muscles – including the... read more

MOMM – Mothers Offering Miracle Milk

MOMM – How it was born MOMM is exactly what it stands for: ‘Mothers Offering Miracle Milk’. This intiative saw the light at Midwives Exclusive and is one of the few official Out of Hospital Expressed Breast Milk Donation Corners for the SABR, the South African... read more

Reflexology Services

Pregnancy is a magical time in any woman’s life.Reflexology is a safe and natural therapy that can be extremely beneficial to a healthy pregnancy and a good idea when you are seeking relief from the not so pleasant aspects associated with pregnancy. Reflexology... read more