Doula Services

‘Pregnancy and birth are precious miracles of life. This time deserves to be appreciated with joyous enthusiasm and respect. Love, patience and gentle care encourages this time of your life with the compassion that is needed…’ What is a Doula or a Birth Companion?... read more

Free Information Sessions

If you do not know your options, you don’t have any. Women are increasingly taking a more active role in making decisions about their bodies and their births. Information sessions at Midwives Exclusive offer couples who are interested in a natural birth with a midwife... read more


PRENATAL CARE What to expect At your midwife check up At your doctor’s visit Prenatal testing High risk pregnancy After you have discovered you are pregnant you will need to make an appointment to see a doctor/obstetrician for your first sonar. This sonar is usually... read more


BY Heather Pieterse, Midwife in Private Practice The term midwife is derived from Middle English: mid = “with” and Old English: wif = “woman”. A midwife is a health care professional who, in partnership with the woman provides care, education... read more

Understanding Reflexology

By Marthie Beumer, Therapeutic Reflexologist and Doula Introduction to Reflexology The specific origin of reflexology remains unclear, but it is believed that its roots date as far back as 5000 years ago in China.   Foot massage has been practiced by a variety of... read more

Information Sessions

Statistics show that the more comfortable a woman is with her caregiver, the better her outcomes in pregnancy. We encourage all pregnant couples interested in natural birth to visit us for an information session to meet one of the midwives and have the opportunity to... read more

Sonar in Pregnancy – A Handy Tool

By Dimakatso Mphelo, Sonographer in Private Practice What is ultrasound Imaging (sonar)? Ultrasound imaging (sonar) involves the use of probe and ultrasound gel to expose the body organs to high-frequency sound waves to produce diagnostic image. It is a painless and... read more

Birth Options

South Africa is one of a few countries in the world where a woman can choose what type of birth she would ideally like to have. It is great that we have a choice, but this in itself can make life more complicated. Therefore, it is really important that you gather all... read more