Natuurlike Geboorte – Elizma Groothof

Vandat ek uitgevind het ek is swanger, was my een groot behoefte om so natuurlik as moontlik deur die geboorte proses te gaan. Daarom, was ek so gou as wat ek kon by Midwives Exclusive. Ek het van die begin af geglo dat my lyf tenvolle in staat is vir geboorte. Tot... read more

My VBAC Story – Kate Stephens

‘Sing, barren woman, who has never had a baby. Fill the air with song, you who’ve never experienced childbirth…’ Isaiah 54:1a When I was expecting with my little girl I had chosen to deliver naturally, and was doing all I could to actively prepare my body, mind and... read more

Post Dates and Induction of Labour

On the 24th December my mucous plug came out late evening. The Braxton Hicks kept getting stronger too. We timed them about every 30 minutes but then nothing for a long period. On the 26th, I felt stronger period-like pains in my lower back and started timing them.... read more

The Power of a Woman – Starling Halliday 2016

My story is quite unique and was a little unexpected. My birth story starts with a car accident causing be to go into labour a week early and delivering a beautiful healthy baby boy by water birth. Alexandrè Halliday was born on Tuesday the 19th of July 2016, at... read more

The Support Makes A Difference – Nicole Welsch 2015

My journey with Midwives Exclusive started with the birth if my first daughter, Daveveny in 2013. My experience was nothing short of magical. The birth was very fast and caught us all off guard with her coming a week early. I woke up with contractions 5 min apart, and... read more

Redeeming VBAC Birth – Myra Harms

I want to start off with this: God sees the desires of your heart! My first birth was an emergency C-section. I really wanted to go natural the first time but couldn’t get past 7 cm. I was scared to death of birthing, which was probably why I couldn’t... read more

A Full Experience of Midwife Care – Mea Fourie

I am sure this is true for most natural births. Nothing goes according to your much revised birth plan. In saying that I would like to begin this story by stating that I am so thankful that everything worked out the way that it did, and that if we are blessed with... read more

Mother Aids in Delivering Baby – Mary Glenshaw

My first interaction with the Midwives Exclusive brand was with Heather, at a chilly morning netball match where our daughters played together. At that point, I only knew her as “Emma’s mom.” I had my 4month old strapped to me in a baby wrap and fell... read more