Letter to my son – Joy Steenkamp

Dear James, Your birth was the easiest birth for me, and you have been such a sweetheart for these first six days of your life. I hope it is not because you’re jaundiced! I’m trying to wake you up and make you nurse when you’re actually content to... read more

A Colourful Cascade of Events – Helena Steenkamp 2015

After Eathan’s birth I believe that a child’s character can be reflected in his or her birth if you pay attention to the details. It is purely because of this we named our beautiful son Eathan Indigo – meaning strength, persistence and light. Having said that the only... read more

Postdate Vbac with an unexpected twist – Ernadize Fourie

My elde st daughter was born in 2013 by elective caesarean. When my husband and I fell pregnant with our second daughter in August of 2015, we decided that we wanted to experience birth in a much more natural way. Our first experience with child birth was rushed,... read more

From C- Section to Natural Birth – Chaya Sara Burke

A brief introduction to me and my life, my name is Chaya Sara Burke, my husband and I got married on December 1st, 2015 and we welcomed our first child, a son, Uriel Elazar Burke on August 25th, 2016. My pregnancy was a hard one with constant nausea and pre-term... read more

Normal Birth with Challenges – Allissa Terblance March 2018

“It was such a long day, but in that instance it was all worth it.” On Saturday morning at 00:30 I had some strong Braxton Hicks. They were each almost several minutes long and did not really cease, but I’d been waking up to similar BH for a few days so didn’t really... read more

Beauty for Ashes – Abbey Voges

I had a deep desire to experience pregnancy, birth and motherhood in an untainted way. Years of teaching pre and post natal pilates classes had exposed me to every horror story known to man and especially woman. Fortunately, instead of scaring me, a righteous anger... read more

Stephanie & Stephan van Rooyen Birth Story

Stephanie & Stephan van Rooyen Birth Story Right after our beautiful baby boy was born my husband Stephan asked me if I would do it again.  “No, never!” was my reply.  Though sitting here, 4 weeks later, I am ready to have 3 more children. I dreamt about the birth... read more

Amos Lampbrecht’s Home Birth

AMOS LAMPBRECHT’S HOME BIRTH The first, long-awaited contraction on that Saturday morning was unmistakable. I wandered back to the bedroom, where Herman was still half-dozing, and smiled, “I think this is it!” He obviously knew what “it”... read more

The Waterbirth of Judah Truter

The Waterbirth of Judah Truter Post dates and induction of labour On the 24th December my mucous plug came out late evening. The Braxton-Hicks kept getting stronger too. We timed them about every 30 minutes but then nothing for a long period. On the 26th, I felt... read more

The Waterbirth of Daniël Waldemar Truter

The Waterbirth of Daniël Waldemar Truter Each day past Daniel’s due date – Friday, 13 December – felt like a year! Every night, we took a photo of me and my bump and labelled it, “The night before you were born” hoping that would bring on the contractions. I walked a... read more