Birth is not only about making babies; birth is about making mothers. Strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength.” – Barbara Katz Rothman

Midwives Exclusives offers a wide variety of services to clients. For more information on any of these or to book a spot, please contact us.


Childbirth transforms a woman into a mother. It is a time in life when a woman is at her strongest, yet also at her most vulnerable. Midwives Exclusive offers parents the opportunity to give natural birth with a midwife, in one of three settings in Pretoria – at the Netcare Femina Active Birth Unit, at Midwives Exclusive’s Birth House in Rietondale or, for those who qualify for this option, in their own homes. Water births can also be done at any of these venues. We provide women not only with excellent medical care in labour, but also with the freedom to give birth the way their bodies were meant to do. Read more here.


We present monthly Saturday morning information sessions to offer pregnant couples interested in giving birth naturally the chance to see the facility and meet the team. This is an opportunity to find out more about how birthing with Midwives Exclusive works, and to determine if this is the route best suited for you and your family. After all, if you don’t know your options, in reality you don’t have any. We encourage clients to attend a session as early in pregnancy as possible. Should you not be able to make the set dates, an individual information and assessment session can be booked with a midwife. Read more here.


Different professionals are trained to manage different aspects of health, and patients receive the best quality care when these professionals work together as a team. If a midwife should at any time during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period identify a health problem in a client that she herself is not the best person to deal with, she will refer the client as necessary. The practice also works with a few obstetricians who provide care to our clients and are on standby during their births, should an emergency arise.


Therapeutic reflexology offers a valuable means of helping pregnant women adjust and cope with physical and emotional changes accompanying pregnancy. Reflexology can help with the onset of labour, and is a powerful pain relief tool in labour. Our team includes a Reflexologist who provide these services to mothers. Read more here.


After birth, mom and baby will either go home, or be admitted to hospital for a day or two’s observation. A midwife from the practice will visit new parents in the early days after birth to monitor their progress, identify any possible complications, and assist with breastfeeding and other challenges. During this period the new mother can also at any time phone her midwife, should she need advice or support, ensuring personalised care not only until the birth, but also in the days and weeks to come.


This is a parent-to-parent support group for any breastfeeding or pregnant mother. Being part of a weekly support group makes you feel less alone, provides good advice and practical tips – all related to breastfeeding and caring for your baby. The group is guided by a breastfeeding counselor. Join us every Monday 10h30 – 12h00 at the Midwives Exclusive Birth House.


Midwives Exclusive recently started MOMM, a project making us one of the few Out of Hospital Expressed Breast Milk (EBM) Donation Corners of the South African Breastmilk Reserve. The SABR collects, pasteurizes, supplies and re-distributes donor breast milk at no cost to hospital facilities in South Africa. These milk are given to premature babies whose own mothers are not able to produce milk for them, often saving their lives. Read more here.


If you are booked for a birth with Midwives Exclusive, regular antenatal check-ups will be done by your midwife. Antenatal care ensures early detection and treatment of potentially dangerous complications in pregnancy, and can greatly increase your chances of a happy and healthy pregnancy, birth and baby. Your midwife will also use these sessions to discuss your birth plan and to help you prepare for birth and a great start on your parenting journey. Read more here.


Midwives Exclusive offers the services of a sonographer. Sonars are done during various stages of pregnancy to determine baby’s growth and wellbeing, and to identify potential complications or abnormalities. Couples who want to can also book a 4D sonar for a sneak and peek at their little ones. Read more here.


‘Doula’ is the Greek word meaning, ‘in the service of women’. A doula/birth companion offers continual support to the mother, her partner and her baby before, during and after birth. Doulas often form part of the birthing teams where midwives conduct deliveries. However, couples opting for hospital births will also benefit immensely from this service. Read more here.


Get your baby’s first immunisations, well-baby checks and your own six week postnatal check and papsmear from our in-house clinic sister. A good clinic sister is worth gold, with a different role from a paediatrician or general practitioner – someone that every mom needs!


Keep an eye on our calendar for our Postnatal Mom and Baby Workshops. These offer mothers the opportunity to learn more on a variety of topics relating to their own and their babies’ health, including Baby Reflexology and Massage, Safety at Home, Introduction of Solids and many more.


Water has been used from as early as 1806 for pain relief and to aid relaxation during labour and birth. It soothes the tension away and in doing so relaxes those oh so tight muscles – including the cervix. Water has been proven to speed up the birth process and reduce the incidence of intervention. It is a safe and positive option for those interested in using water for labour or birth. There are often many concerns and questions which should rightly be asked and answered. Read more here:

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