Midwifery: a calling, a passion, a choice, a joy

Midwives Exclusive is one of the oldest midwife practices in South Africa. It's a dynamic midwifery practice that is all heart. We all work together within the practice to offer women excellent care throughout pregnancy, the opportunity to choose where you prefer and feel safest giving birth, we support with sound medical care as well as compassion to birth naturally. After birth we continue to give full support and guidance in the early weeks as the family adjusts to the new normal. It's never just a job, it's absolutely a passion and we love what we do. Making memories, helping not only babies be born but also mothers to be born; strong and confident.

Sr Heather Pieterse | Midwife and Manager/Founder of Midwives Exclusive

Midwifery is in my blood and I’ve been a midwife such a long time it’s hard to imagine what I did before I became a midwife.    My first baby’s I “caught” as an independent midwife are now finished with school and are ready to have their own baby’s!   I always said I’d retire when this happened but here I still am and I am still in awe with each birth.   It seems that loving midwifery keeps me young.
One of my favorite things about being a midwife would have to be watching a mother being born as she gives birth to her baby.
Watching a woman evolve as her pregnancy grows, watching her learn and understand more deeply how her body is changing.  Seeing her coping with the many challenges pregnancy throws her along the way.  Watching in awe as she discovery how powerful she is as she births her baby, no matter what type of birth she chooses or ends up having.
Watching as it dawns on her a few weeks after birth how breastmilk alone is making her baby is thriving.
What is not to love about being a midwife?    To be witness to such pivotal moments in life, to be invited into such sacred space and entrusted to care for these very special woman and their precious babies.
My life is not all about midwifery though;  I have a beautiful grown up family.  My son, Alex, is all grown up and living a dream life deep in the bush as a trails guide.  My lovely daughter, Emma, recently finished school and is about to embark on her own journey to the USA to study.       So whilst new families are being born, my family is spreading it’s wings and I find myself in a completely new season after being a hands on mom for the past 26 years.   Reinventing myself, finding new things to keep me busy as the school run, sports and other extramural are done with.
My husband is my rock and solid support, without him I doubt I’d have survived the toughest times, call outs, long hours and stresses that do come with the job.  He is often up in Africa working on helicopters but when home he is probably more qualified as most when it comes to midwifery as he his instinct for birth has grown alongside mine as he hears me talking to people about birth from my bed in the deepest time of the night.
I love reading to escape from reality and I especially love heading to our little holiday town, Kenton on Sea, for R&R whenever I get a small gap.
When we get a longer gap we tend to head north into the bush travelling as far as our Hilux can take us and where no cell phone reception can disturb our peace.
Chocolate and coffee are my serious weaknesses 🙂

What motivates you to keep getting up in the middle of the night, out of your warm bed, leaving your family, to go and assist a woman in labour not knowing how long you’ll be gone or when you’ll see your family again?
I won’t lie and say it’s easy after being on call for over 26 years but when I think about the alternatives, well, I can’t actually think of anything I would rather be doing.   Just knowing how much value we can add to the lives we touch makes it so worthwhile.



Sr Anjo Lubbe | Midwife

Sr Anjo Lubbe joined the practice in November coming from Femina Hospital where she was working in the postnatal ward.

“From an early age my sister and I observed my mother as she cared for people, and this made me realize how precious and important quality care is. Compassion is the building block on which I live out my passion for nursing and midwifery.

Caring is simply in my blood and a natural instinct.

I obtained my Bachelor in Nursing  (BCur) at the University of Pretoria. Once I was introduced to midwifery in my third year I knew I wanted to be a part of this beautiful moment in a woman’s life. I remember my first delivery and all the emotions I experienced being the midwife while taking care of my patient and her baby. I was so grateful of being able to experience this moment and I asked myself what could be more beautiful, than bringing new life into this world?

I completed my Community Service year at Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital in Labour Ward where I gained a lot of experience and knowledge delivering babies and providing the necessary postpartum care. My favorite characteristics of being a midwife is the constant urge to be better, to gain more knowledge and to always love and enjoy what I do. Each birth experience is different with its own challenges and outcomes, which makes it so exciting. To support my patient and to observe how she grows in the strong women using only her body to birth her baby, is truly amazing.

I have worked at Netcare Femina Hospital in the Ante/Post Natal ward. I love caring for moms and their babies. I was privileged to meet new faces daily. I especially have a preference and love for helping mothers and babies engaging in breastfeeding. Therefore, I will go out of my way to inform every mom about the benefits of breastfeeding and thereafter provide the necessary support and guidance.

It was a privilege to grow up on a farm in Nelspruit. I love spending time in nature and being surrounded by God’s beautiful creation. My family is very important to me. I am strong, positive and wild at heart. During my down time I love spending time with my friends, reading books and enjoy any outdoor activities. I am a hardworking, reliable person and dedicated to my work. I always make sure that I give 100% in what is expected from me on a daily basis.

Why did I decide to be a part of Midwives Exclusive?

My dream is to be an independent midwife working in a practice , and Midwives Exclusive is allowing me to live out my dream. I believe the way women birth matters and to give them that support throughout the pregnancy is helping them to empower themselves. I am honored to be a part of this midwife family and to be surrounded by women who is grounded in the same values and beliefs for midwifery.





Sr Emily Greeff | Midwife & Lactation Consultant

I am a midwife because I want to be with women at their most vulnerable, yet strongest moments.

I decided to join Midwives Exclusive after becoming very despondent as a hospital nurse. This practice holds a very special place for women in the challenging birth environment of South Africa. Here I can learn to be a true midwife, learning from the wisdom of more experienced midwives and from each woman and baby I work with, whilst staying up to date with evidence-based care guidelines.

My favourite thing about being a midwife is witnessing the transformation of maiden to mother. There is nothing more beautiful.

I am also developing as a lactation consultant, supporting moms in breastfeeding which is a real passion of mine.

Interests outside of midwifery include spending time with my husband, friends and family. I enjoy travelling anywhere far away, hiking, pottery, and sewing. I love learning new things, especially about God and how He put and holds everything together.




Sr Busiswe Gambu | Midwife

A calling! That’s what I believe midwifery to be. I feel blessed and privileged to be called a midwife and to be able to assist and support women during such a life-changing moment.

I studied my BCur (Nursing) degree at the University of Johannesburg and when I was introduced to Midwifery during my studies, I was immediately drawn to it and knew that this is what I wanted to do. My love and interest for Midwifery was fuelled even more by my mother, who is a retired nurse and midwife, who spent many years working as a midwife. It was her stories, the lessons and constant motivation that kept me so interested in Midwifery over the years.

I did my Community Service in the Labour ward at Dr Yusuf Dadoo Hospital in the Westrand in 2019 and continued to work in the labour ward. I then also had a chance to work in the post-natal ward for a short time before leaving. I gained experience and knowledge from working in a fast paced and busy department. I enjoyed that I was always meeting different patients daily with different stories. Though, over the years I was drawn to private midwifery, as I believed that women’s care during pregnancy should be unique and that women should be given a voice during this time and afforded the right to have a beautiful birth experience.

I’m a young and passionate midwife who loves working with pregnant women and babies. I have a big interest in traditional midwifery and caring practices that I believe have been lost over time. I joined the practice because I believe in giving women and their families’ holistic care during such a precious time in their lives. I really wanted to be able to fully support and guide women during this period and to be able to walk this journey with them from the beginning of their pregnancy till they have their new baby.

When I’m not catching babies, I’m a mom to an amazing boy, Lesedi, who is my absolute world.

I am excited and enjoy walking the journey of pregnancy and beyond with all the families I have already and am  yet to meet at Midwives Exclusive


Sr Olivia Minnaar | Midwife

Birth in all its forms is sacred. A midwife is a chaperone in pregnancy, birth and post-partum as she journeys with a mother to safely bring her baby into this world. I find great fulfilment in serving women in pregnancy, birth and post-partum. I believe women can be empowered in their pregnancies through education, support and high quality maternity care.

I graduated with my BCur degree from the University of Pretoria. My passion for midwifery was born in Steve Biko Academic Hospital’s labour ward where I worked from 2018 until October 2022. I worked in a high pressure and fast-paced environment which taught me to be confident and flexible, able to adapt to any circumstances. I happily serve with patience and positivity as I have come to learn there is always more to give. There is always more to share, more joy, more hope and more solutions to any challenges.

I transitioned into private practice as I had a desire to serve women on a one-to-one basis that accommodated personalized maternity care.  I believe each pregnancy is as unique as our fingerprints and your care should reflect that. Every woman should carry, birth and nurture her baby in the way she chooses. It is for the above reasons that I am honoured to be part of the Midwives Exclusive team. I believe the team at Midwives Exclusive holds the space for women to journey in their pregnancies and births to emerge in post-partum as well-equipped mothers who can nurture their babies and newly formed families.

Outside of my profession I am a wife to a wonderful husband who has learned all the midwifery lingo. I am a mother to a very bubbly little girl who just wants to come and see all the babies mommy works with and a very busy little boy whose life’s mission is to unpack the dishwasher daily.




Sr Celeste Groenewald | Midwife

I am absolutely called to be a midwife. Every woman’s birth is a unique experience. It is a very personal and intimate life event that should be respected and protected. I love building relationship and sharing in this experience.

When I was studying midwifery in university I dreamt of being an independent midwife so that I can build a trusting relationship with mommas before they have to trust me to get them and their babies safely through birth.  Continuity of care which is hard to do when working in a hospital.

One of my very favourite things is watching the joy new life brings to a family.

When I’m not being a midwife I really enjoy getting out into nature for long walks and I find my peace and growth at church.