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Midwives Exclusive is a small but dynamic midwifery practice consisting of four passionate midwives and whole team of support personnel, all working together to offer couples excellent care in pregnancy, the opportunity to give natural birth in a setting in which they feel comfortable, and to give support and guidance in their early weeks with a new baby.

Heather Pieterse | Midwife and Manager/Founder of Midwives Exclusive

Midwifery is in my blood and I’ve been a midwife such a long time it’s hard to imagine what I did before I became a midwife.    My first baby’s I “caught” as an independent midwife are now finished with school and are ready to have their own baby’s!   I always said I’d retire when this happened but here I still am and I am still in awe with each birth.   It seems that loving midwifery keeps me young.
One of my favorite things about being a midwife would have to be watching a mother being born as she gives birth to her baby.
Watching a woman evolve as her pregnancy grows, watching her learn and understand more deeply how her body is changing.  Seeing her coping with the many challenges pregnancy throws her along the way.  Watching in awe as she discovery how powerful she is as she births her baby, no matter what type of birth she chooses or ends up having.
Watching as it dawns on her a few weeks after birth how breastmilk alone is making her baby is thriving.
What is not to love about being a midwife?    To be witness to such pivotal moments in life, to be invited into such sacred space and entrusted to care for these very special woman and their precious babies.
My life is not all about midwifery though;  I have a beautiful grown up family.  My son is all grown up and living a dream life deep in the bush as a trails guide.  My lovely daughter is in her 2nd last year of school and the sunshine of my life with her gentle but determined spirit.    My husband is my rock and solid support, without him I doubt I’d have survived the toughest times, call outs, long hours and stresses that do come with the job.
He is probably more qualified as most when it comes to midwifery as he his instinct for birth has grown alongside mine as he hears me talking to people about birth from my bed in the deepest time of the night.
I love reading to escape from reality and I especially love heading to our little holiday town, Kenton on Sea, for R&R whenever I get a small gap.
When we get a longer gap we tend to head north into the bush travelling as far as our Hilux can take us and where no cell phone reception can disturb our peace.
Chocolate and coffee are my serious weaknesses 🙂

What motivates you to keep getting up in the middle of the night, out of your warm bed, leaving your family, to go and assist a woman in labour not knowing how long you’ll be gone or when you’ll see your family again?
I won’t lie and say it’s easy after being on call for over 20 years but when I think about the alternatives, well, I can’t actually think of anything I would rather be doing.   Just knowing how much value we can add to the lives we touch makes it so worthwhile.



Christel Jordaan | Midwife

I never planned on becoming a midwife, but then midwifery found me!
I’ve worked in a public hospital labor ward (which I loved), neonatal ICU abroad, a private hospital labor ward and finally found my place at Midwives Exclusive. I strongly believe in the “3 C’s” of maternity care: women should have continuity, choice and control in where to birth and how to birth.
As a midwife, I provide guidance, support, and a safe environment to reach good outcomes and good birth experiences. I believe that the couple needs to feel that they were part of the team. Childbirth is beautiful – every birth is truly unique!

What motivates you to keep getting up in the middle of the night, out of your warm bed, leaving your cosy home, to go and assist a woman in labour not knowing how long you’ll be gone or when you’ll see your bed again?
“It’s kind of like an addiction: you want to quit but you can’t. It’s in your veins.  On a more serious note though, it’s probably the belief in what we do and that we make a difference” that keeps me doing what I do and loving it.

Esti Viljoen | Midwife

I always wanted to do something that incorporated the excitement of trauma, the family led care of community healthy and midwifery. Finding my passion and my place as an independent midwife was somewhat of a surprise as I arrived back from doing missionary work in Northern Mozambique looking for my next challenge. Independent midwifery incorporates all 3 of my callings and it really is a calling. I haven’t looked back and it is now 10 years later since I walked into the doors of Midwives Exclusive. My passion for assisting women in pregnancy and birth just grows and evolves with each new person I meet. I love the journey we take together as we get to know one another. I love what I do and cannot imagine doing any other ‘job’ as satisfying.

I have learnt that in order to be excellent at this calling I need to somehow find a balance between being on call 24/7 and living life. It is hugely important to make time for yourself and not let work ‘swallow’ you which is a very real risk as a midwife. Over the years I have embraced many challenges and passions including:
Cycling, diving, running, woodwork, photography, rock club and traveling. My latest challenge keeping me grounded and balanced is training for/racing in half Ironman distance Triathlons. I’m learning to love the process of finding my comfort zones and moving past them, discovering what’s on the other side.

What motivates you to keep getting up in the middle of the night, out of your warm bed, leaving your home, to go and assist a woman in labour not knowing how long you’ll be gone or when you’ll be home again?
“I think for me it’s not a question of staying or going – it’s a calling for me. It’s such a big part of who I am and how I see the world, I can’t imagine doing anything else. But to answer the question in a different way? When the job gets hard and I search for motivation to get to work I just think of all the different people I’ll get to journey with, and that gives me the boost I need to overcome the hard parts! I love meeting new people and seeing them evolve into parents!”

Guineve de Jager | Midwife

I decided to study nursing the day I found out we would ‘catch’ babies, and I have never looked back! I am in awe of what women are capable of and have the privilege of witnessing the miracle of birth. I am passionate about pregnant moms and babies and truly believe every woman should have all the information she needs in order to make an informed decision and create a positive birth experience.

After completing my community service in the labour ward at Steve Biko Academic Hospital, I moved to a private hospital labour ward. My experience there showed me I still had a lot to learn, so I decided to specialize and completed my Advanced Midwifery and Masters degree in 2015. In 2016 I put all my textbook knowledge into practice when my husband and I welcomed a beautiful blue-eyed baby girl. My daughter is now the best big sister to our son who was born in 2019. In 2017 I started at Midwives Exclusive, so I think now it is fair to say I have two jobs – Mom and Midwife!

My time at Midwives Exclusive has changed me and I have grown personally and professionally. It is an honour to journey alongside families in this precious and vulnerable time. I believe that how we birth matters and that good support can make a huge impact on a new family. Midwives Exclusive has made me fall in love with midwifery all over again, as well as giving me the opportunity to cuddle newborn squishies and call it work!

What motivates you to keep getting up in the middle of the night, out of your warm bed, leaving your family, to go and assist a woman in labour not knowing how long you’ll be gone or when you’ll see your family again?
I think midwifery found me, not the other way round. It’s a tough life but the rewards are so worthwhile. I love being a part of a vulnerable but exciting journey… the mix of personal and medical aspects with women and babies.

Hannah Meintjes | Midwife

I didn’t know when I started studying nursing that I would be where I am today. I always felt lost and wondered if I was making the right career choice, but the day I started Midwifery I knew that this is where I belong! Being part of such a momentous and special occasion is a great honour. My favourite moment is when the mom and dad sees their little baby for the 1st time and mom holds her baby to her chest. The room just lights up with love!

I grew up on a citrus farm just outside Hoedspruit in Limpopo. I was a very busy child and still am as an adult. I love learning about different cultures, traveling, experiencing new things and spending time with friends and my loved ones. I also love reading books, going to the gym and watching documentaries.

I studied my Nursing degree at the University of Pretoria. After completing my 4 year course I did my Community Service year at Tembisa Hospital. There I learned a lot and experienced many things. The biggest need I could identify is that there is no support for women during labour. And that is probably my most favourite thing about being an independent midwife, we get to give individualized support and continuous holistic care to women throughout their pregnancy and birth. I also completed a Sensitive Midwifery course, specializing in natural birth. This just confirmed the fact that low risk women not only should, but have the ability to birth not only normally but naturally, by following the instinctive cues of their bodies. With the correct support and education, I hope to help many more future moms to realise and achieve this.

I feel very honoured to be part of the Midwives Exclusive team and helping women empower themselves.

What keeps me motivated?

I’m not going to lie, being called awake at 2am to deliver or assist with a birth is tough, but as soon as I jump in the car the excitement kicks in. Being one of the 1st people to touch or hold a new-born is humbling. And even though things don’t always go as plan, knowing that I was part of the glue holding my patient together, by supporting and having open communication with her and her partner, that is the most satisfying part of the job.