I am Andrea, a well woman yoga therapist and mentor. I teach pregnancy, postnatal, and mum and baby yoga at Midwives Exclusive Birth House. I also run workshops in Self Care, Well Woman yoga and Cycle Awareness. I have taught pregnancy and postnatal yoga for 10 years, and love guiding and supporting women through their pregnancies and postnatal experiences.

Pregnancy Yoga

I teach a very grounded, safe and holistic approach to yoga and pregnancy.
I use movement, breathwork, relaxation, deep restful postures, affirmation and sound work as useful and amazing tools to use throughout your pregnancy, birth and beyond.

You will learn gentle movements and postures to release tension, bring vitality and strengthen the body, Breathwork to connect you to your growing baby and changing body, it helps to release fear and calm the mind.
I believe in the healing power of deep rest, I give you guilt free permission to rest and do nothing, knowing you are supported and held safely, so you can focus on nurturing yourself and your baby.

Pregnancy is the ultimate unconditional love. Connecting to this source helps you unearth a deep inner wisdom and intuition to feel empowered to nurture your pregnancy and birth your baby (whichever way you choose and whatever way it unfolds) without fear.
‘ I was very lucky to have Andrea as my yoga teacher while I was pregnant. I looked forward to her class each week and always left feeling refreshed, calm and ready to take on whatever my pregnancy put in my way. She is very encouraging and helps you build the strength needed for giving birth’ Lauren

Postnatal Yoga (Mom & Baby Yoga)

I teach Postnatal Yoga both with or without your baby.
All exercises, movements and postures are designed to help heal the postnatal body. They are not designed to force or ‘get back’ but to stabilise, heal and nurture the new mother.
I teach deep pelvic and womb healing with breathwork, movement and posture.
We focus on areas that new moms need, strength, vitality, relieve exhaustion as well as new parenting aches and pains.
When we practice with the babies you will learn to do yoga with them, bond and connect without outer distractions of everyday life. We weave in support for mom while adding gentle baby yoga practices to help with common baby discomforts and also helping development.
I focus deeply on the principle that you know your baby better than anyone on the planet, my role is to empower you to know YOU are the expert in them.
My favourite thing is leading relaxations with moms and babies, seeing all the new moms relax and all the babies in their happy place, in moms arms. This for me is bliss.

‘Andrea is like a breath of fresh air for mothers long forgotten how to exhale. Her honesty is refreshing and her nuturing presence is healing. I recovered better after my third pregnancy and delivery better than my previous 2. Which doesnt make sense….until you meet andrea and what she offers us.’ Jo

Thai yoga Massage– for Pregnancy, Postnatal and women’s health.

Thai Yoga Massage is a holistic massage which includes a combination of yogic stretches and acupressure techniques. The therapist stimulates the flow of lines to unblock stagnant, trapped energy, release tension and calm the body and mind.
The rhythmic rocking nature of Thai Massage can often induce a meditative state, enhancing the body’s natural ability to balance and heal itself. I practice a very feminine and nurturing approach to Thai Massage ( no deep twists or pulling) adapted especially for all stages of women’s health. If you are unfamiliar with Thai massage; it is done on a floor mattress, with no oils and with your clothes on.

Self Care

In support of new parents as well as fellow therapists and birth workers, I run regular self care workshops. I don’t only share practical tips, but share deep insight on why it is important, what is at the heart of self care and learn what holds us back.

‘Andrea’s yoga/workshops/women’s circle have allowed me the space to stop and reflect, both inwardly and outwardly, on what’s really going on – in my body, mind and soul.’ Sarah

Ova the Moon- Self Care for Women

I am founder and creator of self care company Ova the Moon. which is stocked at the Birth House. Carefully curated boxes for pregnancy, postnatal or birth. You can order special boxes for yourself or friends and family. Some items can also be bought separately- Pre or postnatal Belly Wraps, Womb heat packs, affirmation cards and empowering infocards. Facebook @ovathemoon or contact Andrea

For all classes, courses, sessions and workshops. Contact Andrea 0726381883, or email, andrea@andreawhite.co or follow on Facebook @butterflyandie or Instagram@butterfly_andie