Midwives Exclusive is a small but dynamic midwifery practice consisting of four passionate midwives and whole team of support personnel, all working together to offer couples excellent care in pregnancy, the opportunity to give natural birth in a setting in which they feel comfortable, and to give support and guidance in their early weeks with a new baby.

Heather Pieterse

Midwife and Manager/Founder of Midwives Exclusive

I love being a midwife and facilitating a woman to birth her baby is a huge energizing boost for me. I have always felt that attending a birth automatically puts me, as a midwife, in a ‘safe and quiet space’ without disturbances. Nothing else matters in those hours I’m with a labouring woman other than what is going on inside that chosen birth space.

This is exactly as birth should be for all woman.

I went became an independent midwife in 1998 so have been loving my chosen calling for many years. It’s a blessing to still love what I do and see how midwifery in Pretoria as well as natural birth has gained momentum over the years.

My belief is that birth should be a positive experience regardless of the type of birth you end up having.   We don’t have control of the outcome as birth can be unpredictable but with support, choices and compassion it can be positive.

Informed choices, freedom to choose your own birth space and care provider is an enormous part of the process and vitally important.

Each person should be granted the space to explore their options and have a venue best suited to them to realize their unique birth wishes.

My vision is to create a safe space where woman can give birth without money and politics being the driving forces behind the ‘care’ they receive.

Esti Viljoen


Esti joined the practice in September 2009, she was ‘heaven sent’ as one of the two passionate went off on maternity leave. She arrived fresh from the mission deep within the bush, miles away high up in Mozambique. Esti was thrown into private practice and coped brilliantly with an immediate heavy work load. Esti has a passion for natural birth and has a positive energy that surpasses all others in the practice. Esti is truly a natural midwife who has without a doubt found her calling. She works hard and is determined to succeed. Esti is our IRON lady with a heart of pure gold.

Christel Jordaan


I never planned on becoming a midwife, but then midwifery found me! I’ve worked in a public hospital labor ward (which I loved), neonatal ICU abroad, a private hospital labor ward and finally found my place at Midwives Exclusive. I strongly believe in the “3 C’s” of maternity care: women should have continuity, choice and control in where to birth and how to birth. As a midwife, I provide guidance, support, and a safe environment to reach good outcomes and good birth experiences. I believe that the couple needs to feel that they were part of the team. Childbirth is beautiful – every birth is truly unique!

Guineve de Jager


I decided to study nursing the day I found out we would get to ‘catch’ babies. I am in awe of what the body is capable of and what a privilege it is to witness the miracle of birth. I am passionate about pregnant moms and babies and truly believe every woman should have all the information she needs to make an informed decision and create a positive birth experience. After completing my community service in the labour ward at Steve Biko Academic Hospital, I moved to a private hospital labour ward where I worked for four years accompanying women in labour and birth. My experience there showed me I still had a lot to learn, so I decided to specialise and completed my Advanced Midwifery and Masters degree in 2015. In 2016 I put all my textbook knowledge into practice when my husband and I welcomed a beautiful blue-eyed baby girl. My daughter is now a year old and keeps dad and I on our toes with all her antics. After taking a few months off to be with her I started at Midwives Exclusive in private practice.

Returning to work not only as a midwife but now also as a mom, has been incredible as it has really shown me that how we birth matters, and it has deepened my empathy for pregnant and labouring women. Midwives Exclusive has made me fall in love with midwifery all over again, as well as giving me the opportunity to cuddle newborn babies and call it work!

This is our amazing Midwives Exclusive team – dedicated, compassionate and passionate about what we are doing as a family!