Rashelle’s Birth Story

I should probably write this now, before I forget all the detail. I can remember asking my husband if we […]

Alexander’s Birth

“Someone once said, love is the closest thing to magic. I would like to think a mum said it, because […]

Eben’s Birth

Right after our beautiful baby boy was born my husband Stephan asked me if I would do it again. “No, […]

Mighael’s Birth Story

“I have been delaying writing my birth story. It has taken me a while to process the events from that […]

Neo’s Birth

My first interaction with the Midwives Exclusive brand was with Heather, at a chilly morning netball match where our daughters […]

Elisa’s Birth

Like so many moms, I’m sitting in the car waiting for my 6-month-old, little Elisa, to finish her nap. No […]

Avianne’s VBAC Birth Story

Avianne’s VBAC Birth Story Our first son was born via an “emergency c-section” at a private hospital in Pretoria, for […]

Hayden’s Birth

Hayden’s Birth Story 10 July 2019 I woke up at 01h00 after restless sleep due to the coughing and having […]