It a wonderful exciting time of the year when people get to share family time together, connecting, relaxing and catching their breath after a year of all sorts of events with every possible emotion attached.


Our highlight of course; the 250 babies we have helped into this world along with their rock star mothers and dewy eyed fathers. Giving birth is one of the most significant times of one’s life without a doubt and how lucky we are at Midwives Exclusive to be part of this epic journey.

This year we entered December with a little more trepidation than last year as we were forewarned that beaches and rivers may be no go zones again. Luckily this was not the case at all and whilst we were in wave no 4 of Covid the opposite has actually happened with rules being slightly more relaxed and the knowledge that this new Omicrom variant is hopefully the beginning of the end. We have hope again, hope that we may find normal again.

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2021 Year end letter 1