My story is quite unique and was a little unexpected. My birth story starts with a car accident causing be to go into labour a week early and delivering a beautiful healthy baby boy by water birth.

Alexandrè Halliday was born on Tuesday the 19th of July 2016, at 23:17. Weighing 3.23kg and measuring 51cm. He was born at the birth house with Midwives Exclusive who are phenomenal with natural births and I would recommend them to anyone.

Like every other expectant mother out there, I was really, really, REALLY excited for my baby just to be born. I could not wait to meet him. On the 19th of July 2016, I was 39 weeks pregnant, and on my way home at about 3 in the afternoon. Then suddenly someone hit me really hard from behind, and my heart stopped for a second as I realized I was just in a car accident and 39 weeks pregnant. Needless to say after the shock, I was very worried about my baby. I was worried that the impact could have hurt the baby, or the placenta might have detached. Anything could have gone wrong. I called my husband and parents and told them we need to go to hospital to make sure the baby is still fine, we drove to the hospital. While we waited for the doctor to come and examine me, the nurse measured the baby’s heartbeat. Everything was looking good and baby still had a strong heartbeat. I told her, that’s great news, so now I can go home and relax, then she told me, no dear, you are not going home tonight, you are having a baby tonight, I was having contractions not far apart, at the moment I did not think anything of it, as I was having contractions for weeks. I got up to give them a urine sample, and as I got up my water broke, I was in such disbelief, that I remember saying to the nurse in a dazed state of mind; “I think my water just broke” while standing in the middle of the hallway in the hospital. She looked at me up and down, and then started to laugh and said; “yes, congratulations, you are now going to have your baby.” I walked back to my room, and my emotions was overwhelming, I felt excitement, relieved, scared everything all at once. When I got back to my room, I told my husband the baby is coming, my water just broke, and his eyes lit up with excitement. The midwife at the hospital quickly examined me and informed me that I was 3cm dilated, and that the impact of the car accident probably caused my water to break. I then called my (very fantastic) midwife, and she informed me to go get my bags and come to the birth house, as we planned a water birth at the birth house. As we left the hospital on our way to collect our bags, my contractions became more intense. A lot more intense very quickly. By the time we got home, my husband timed my contractions, they were a minute apart and each contraction lasted about 30 seconds. I took a warm bath while my husband packed the car. The ride to the birth house felt like an eternity, even though it was not too far. I was now in a lot of pain. When we got to the birth house my contractions became really intense. My midwife checked me and informed me that I was now 6cm dilated. I was in so much pain at times that I dozed off to another world, and could not really register what was going on around me. I have to say, through it all my husband was a hero. He was there and supported me through each contraction, messaging my back and motivating me. My midwife also did a great job in keeping me calm through it all. She had so much patience with me, I screamed through some of the contractions, and she just stayed calm and told me a thousand times to just try and breath through them, as screaming will just make the more intense, I need to try and relax. I thought I was ready, and mentally prepared, but nothing can prepare you for child birth, the pain you experience is something that no words can describe. Just when I wanted to give up, and felt like rather dying than enduring another second of the pain, I felt a very strong urge to push. My midwife quickly check me again, and told me I am fully dilated, baby is ready to come, I need to get in the water, this was the best news ever. At that moment I was in so much pain, even the short walk from the bed to the bath felt impossible, but somehow I manged to get in the tub. My next contraction was quite surprising to me as I did not felt the pain I was expecting to feel again, but rather a really intense feeling to push. From that moment on, I could focus more and my mind felt a bit clearer. It was like my body just took over and I really did not have to do much. As started to push my midwife said; “awe I can see his head and he has a lot of dark hair”. I felt down there, and felt a very slimy odd hard surface, and I was instantly motivated to get my baby safely out. The next few moments I experienced, really felt like I was part of miracle.

Suddenly everything went very quickly and the next thing a knew I heard a baby let out one of the most beautiful sounds I ever heard, a cry, and I remember this moment clearly, as I thought to myself that is him, he has a lovely voice, and the next moment I held my precious baby in my arms.

My mind was so clear at that moment, and my emotions so overwhelming. I am actually struggling to find the words to describe what I felt in that moment. I felt in awe, as if nothing in that moment mattered, it was just me and him, my beautiful baby boy. I remember crying, actually sobbing, as I held him, as I looked down at an angel. He was perfect, I remember I kept telling my husband, he is perfect.

Today we are blessed with a beautiful baby boy who is healthy, and brings so much joy to our lives every day. And for the first time in my life I can now honestly say, a woman’s body can do amazing things. I am proud to be a woman and a mommy.


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