Birth matters and your perception of the birth experience can have a life lasting effect on you.

When you look back, do you perceive your birth experience as positive or are there parts to your story that leave you feeling raw and vulnerable with questions?

In the days or even weeks and months after birth, you may experience many emotional, physical and mental adjustments.  Frequently, what you need most is physical and emotional space.   You need time for self-care.  Time and space,  so that your body and mind can rest completely.  You need patience and you need to be kind to yourself.   Where there any moments in your birthing experience which may have caused deep scars, emotionally?  Painful memories can be intensified by fatigue and overwhelming responsibilities.  Are you at peace with yourself?  Do you feel self-contained, whole and well?

Compassion between new mothers creates a wonderful, warm and kind space where you can gently share your birthing memories in your own way.  In this space, you open your heart,  experience your emotions and realise your personal growth.  It is your experience and your unique story that you should wear proudly.   This compassionate space fosters new insights and objectivity which grow self-compassion as you nurture yourselves and others as a brave new mother.

On the last Friday of each month a small group of mothers get together in this compassion circle to share and reflect on their birth stories.  In this listening circle, you reflect on your miracle moments, beautiful memories as well as the raw, traumatic and painful moments as you start putting the pieces of your unique birth journey together.   This compassionate circle is aimed at helping you to start to come to terms with your experience, realizing the bigger picture and putting it into context.   You will feel nurtured, supported, accepted and leave feeling more at peace and accepting.    It is a stepping stone to finding peace in your birth experience.

This Birth Reflection Workshop has an empowering effect as we celebrate motherhood, as brave new mothers who realise compassion starts with yourself.  This compassion then has a rippling effect to others.

An empowered mother is vital for the well-being of a family, which is the foundation of a healthy society.

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