‘Wisdom, Knowledge and Vision’

Philosophy of Midwives Exclusive:

At Midwives Exclusive we believe that women have a right to have a positive birth experience where they feel empowered to make choices surrounding their bodies, their births and parenting skills and styles.

Clinical application: this is achieved through offering birth options, workshops, antenatal education as well as through a high level of care and passion for what we do.

Birth is sacred and the most incredible day of a woman’s life where not only a baby is born but also a mother is born.

Clinical application: each client is treated as a unique individual by the midwives and made to feel part of the family.

With this belief we also understand that the day a woman’s baby is born is a day she will remember for the rest of her life in fine detail. Given most women will only have a few children in their lifetime it is our belief that birth should count!

Clinical application: we get to really know and understand our clients needs through personal one on one care and limiting our numbers so we can spend enough quality time with our clients.

Whilst we cannot guarantee a natural birth or even the outcome, we can guarantee a positive fully supported experience with midwife led care at Midwives Exclusive. Our one on one caseload care is closely followed by a team approach meaning that should your midwife be busy, exhausted, sick or weekend off our clients are fully guaranteed of a fresh like-minded midwife who is part of our practice.

Clinical application: we support our clients with personal professional care from their first consultation through until 6 weeks post birth. We are on call 24/7. By the time the birth day arrives our patients know us well and should feel comfortable and safe in our care.  Should your midwife be busy or exhausted you are guaranteed of another midwife with the same style and philosophy.

In terms of the above philosophy it is our belief that a woman has a right to:

  • Choose the type of birth they want to have without judgement
  • Choose their caregiver in accordance with the type of birth they ideally want to have
  • A birth venue of their choice where they feel safe and secure
  • Full and honest information in order to make their informed decisions
  • Ask questions and get answers
  • Time spent with their caregiver
  • Safe, high quality up to date professional care
  • Have a secure back up support obstetrician and hospital
  • Make a birth wish list and have it respected
  • Their own belief in how they’d like their birth experience to be
  • Choose whom they want with them for support in labour and birth
  • Change their caregiver should they feel uncomfortable or insecure
  • Unique individual compassionate care

It is also our belief that:

  • Almost all women have the ability to birth naturally
  • Women’s bodies are perfectly designed to give birth vaginally when there are no complications
  • When technology or intervention becomes necessary it should be indicated and fully and positively embraced

We believe that

  • Midwives are the appropriate choice of caregivers for women who want natural birth.
  • Midwives are trained and specialize in natural low risk birth
  • Midwives have a holistic view of pregnancy, birth and parenting
  • Midwives can offer women and their families the full scope of support and services
  • Midwives should always adhere to their scope of practice and work within a safe support structure keeping the women’s safety as their main concern.

Analysis of the philosophy using the 6 dimensions of quality formulated by WHO:

Effective – we have excellent statistics to back up that midwife led care is effective

Efficient – our numbers keep increasing and we have a high level of patient as well as staff satisfaction which indicates efficiency

Accessible – we are centrally situated in Pretoria so accessible although we only cater to a small select group of women, so this is an area for growing or improvement

Acceptable/patient-centred – our whole philosophy centres on family oriented (patient) care

Equitable – we see each woman and her family as a unique individual and thoroughly enjoy getting to know her and support her through her process of becoming a mother

Safe – we have high standards including structural and procedural SOP’s and follow guidelines set by our governing and professional bodies.



To be the finest midwife practice in Pretoria known for our unique dynamic of professional but compassionate care to any low risk, healthy woman who chooses to have a natural birth.

To be seen as a safe and affordable but exclusive service where women leave feeling like they’ve had the royal treatment for the most important time of their lives.

To cultivate the midwifery profession and image through safe standards of care and statistics to prove it.

To maintain midwife led care in Pretoria through a professional, competent and individual care approach for each individual who chooses us to care for them through their pregnancy and birth.

To continue to set the bar for natural birth and midwife led care in Pretoria with excellent standards of service.


It takes a whole village to raise a child. Igbo and Yoruba (Nigeria) Proverb

The mission of this midwife practice is to provide a continuous level of high quality, low risk maternity care where women wanting a positive all-encompassing natural birth can have the most supported chance for a safe, personal and positive experience. Whilst we cannot guarantee a natural birth we can guarantee every woman who is part of the Midwife Practice the full, personal and professional support and care which in turn empowers her to nurture and raise her children knowing she was fundamental in her birth choices and a key figure through the pregnancy and birth process. The Midwife Practice is a community and the woman and her family are a major part of our community.

Through this type of commitment to caring for women, community midwife led care will grow throughout Pretoria and standards of care will automatically be set. Midwives working in this environment of caring will experience a high level of job satisfaction through positive feedback from clientele, being able to use their skills and training independently and being accountable for their actions through the knowledge that they are a most valued member of the Midwife Practice.

The above statement will be attained by:

  • Passionate, professional midwives with up to date expertise, experience and an attitude of compassion and positivity about their chosen place of work.
  • a deep belief in a woman’s rights and choices (specifically regarding maternal issues)
  • keeping within the guidelines of our Acts and Regulations and specific protocols that midwives follow in all aspects of professional care including: (SANC, Scope of Practice R2598) Not a clear reference? – not sure what you mean? Our Acts and Regulations are within our Nursing aCt and Scope of Practice is set here.
  • following low risk patient criteria through thorough screening of clients prior booking them for care at the midwife unit;
  • through compassionate but appropriate referral of those clients who are not suited to community midwife led care due to being high risk;
  • well documented (evidence based) antenatal, birth and postnatal care (Guidelines for Maternity Care in South Africa, 2015)
  • a solid team approach where good relationships between staff members follow through in the attitude of care to both patients and colleagues alike.
  • attention to fine details in all aspects of care.
  • a patient/midwife ratio that is manageable for one to one personal care- with back up support from the midwife team when necessary.
  • full support from the unit manager and other support persons to assist the midwives with stress management techniques through listening and debriefing given the high-level responsibility and accountability.
  • facilities that are carefully equipped both medically sound and aesthetically suited in family based (community) maternity care and a positive practice environment.
  • Offering inclusive care system at the midwife practice from pre-conception until 4 months after birth (birth planning, antenatal care, education, birth support, postnatal care, home visits, post birth workshops, breastfeeding support, well woman and baby clinic)
  • Comprehensive back up support systems that have the same vision as our own with the belief that healthy low risk woman have a right to birth normally with midwife led care if they so choose (Obstetricians/sonographers/dieticians/physiotherapist/doula support)
  • Emergency support systems that are fully functional, easily accessible and accommodating of patients who are referred from midwife led care when necessary (back up doctors/hospitals/ambulance transfer).


E          Excellence in care – Caring=Ethical=Professional

X          X Factor that makes us shine in all we do

C         Compassionate to patients/colleagues and ourselves

L          Loving working at the Midwife Practice

U         Unique personal patient care and unity in our team

S          Skills/knowledge/ability – Local/International Standards (ICN)

I           Image – uphold and grow image of midwifery S.A.

V          Veracity – honour, truth and integrity

E          Experiencing miracles every day


Seize the moment; this is your birth and a day you will always remember! Go into it positively and wisely. Be consciously involved!