If you do not know your options, you don’t have any. Women are increasingly taking a more active role in making decisions about their bodies and their births.

Information sessions at Midwives Exclusive offer couples who are interested in a natural birth with a midwife the opportunity to meet the team and to find out more about the different birth options and other services that the practice offers.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to get a feeling of how your personality and philosophy blend with the midwives in the practice. We will explain what midwife based care will entail and hopefully give you the assurance you need that the natural birth option is indeed safe and appropriate if you are having a healthy low risk pregnancy. The session offers ample time for open questions, as we know that you are making very important decisions that will have a profound effect on your birth experience and on the first steps of your parenting journey.

We suggest attending a session as early as possible in your pregnancy so you can make an informed decision about your pregnancy and birth and enjoy the entire experience. The care and support in pregnancy plays a fundamental role in the entire parenting experience.

If you have health problems that preclude you from having a natural birth with a midwife, or you have decided that it just isn’t right for you, then we will do our best to refer you to a family-friendly obstetrician and medical facility best suited to your needs.

For more information, dates and times, or to book your space, phone 012 329 3865 or 083 283 6999, or email admin@midwives-exclusive.co.za.